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November 2010

Issue 7


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President's message


There is obviously great uncertainty in our industry today. The primary causes are the impact of health reform, and particularly the establishment of health exchanges and application of mandated medical loss ratios, as well as the state of the economy.


In an effort to provide insight into these and other issues, HealthConnect helped sponsor a recent comprehensive study of health carriers and brokers (along with one of our business partners, The Trizetto Group). The current study was a follow-up to a similar study completed in 2008. Both surveys were targeted at two groups – brokers and medical carriers. The focus was on how both brokers and carriers could increase revenue and reduce costs through improvements in the current distribution channel as well as views on the impact of healthcare reform and strategies that brokers and carriers are adopting in response to the overall industry environment. The most recent study was completed by 1,020 brokers and 82 medical carriers (16 BCBS plans, 15 national carriers, 39 regional carriers and 12 emerging carriers).


For brokers, responses were obtained from licensed health brokers that have a strategic focus on individual/family and small group medical plans. For medical carriers, responses were completed by sales executives that influence sales and distribution strategies. The study was examined not just for current viewpoints but also how those viewpoints have changed versus 2008.


For BROKERS, the key findings are below:

  • There has been little improvement in automation over the last two years; most brokers remain, at best, only partially automated for every sales process step;

  • The same problem prevails since 2008 – it takes too much time to process/install a group case;

  • Brokers with small group business feel they are spending far too much time on processing and installing groups;

  • PPACA (67% in 2010) has displaced rising healthcare costs (74/45% in 2008/2010) as the leading industry driver that promises the greatest business impact;

  • Brokers expect to prepare for PPACA by becoming more administratively efficient (59%) and selling more ancillary products and services (72%);

  • Brokers and carriers have similar views on the role of brokers within exchanges, with both groups rating providing advice to customers on available options as their main role and secondly helping customers find options outside of the exchange.

  • Helping consumers understand and maximize their subsidy was considered by carriers and brokers as a minor role for brokers to play

Read a detailed summary of BROKER key findings.



For CARRIERS, the key findings are below:

  • Carriers have greater awareness of the importance of their sales process and need to invest in it, particularly in preparation for PPACA;

  • Carriers continue to value brokers (60% of carriers rated brokers as Extremely Valuable or Valuable in 2008 and 2010); however, carriers are more amenable to going direct (strongly disinclined to disintermediate brokers – 62% in 2008 versus 38% in 2010);

  • 36% of carriers have plans to reduce broker commissions in 2010, versus only 10% in 2008 (for GA’s, the 2010/2008 figures are 38%/8% respectively);

  • Most carriers believe brokers will play a role in health insurance exchanges, although 20% of carriers do not foresee a role for brokers in exchanges;

  • Carriers feel exchanges are more suitable for selling IFP business versus small group;

  • 48% of carriers believe they will sell less than 25% of their small group business through exchanges (with remainder through existing distribution channels);

  • 67% of carriers believe PPACA will increase the cost of small group and IFP plans.

Read a detailed summary of CARRIER key findings.




Peter Everett

HealthConnect Systems

president's message


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Product spotlight

The Product Spotlight section, which will regularly highlight one of our products in more detail, will also enable us to keep you updated on new products and new features of our existing products.

product spotlight

The healthcare reform produced millions of individual and family plan prospects.


With our Individual and Family Plan system, your business can grow exponentially without the extra time dedicated to quoting carriers individually and manually comparing the best options for your clients.


Our Individual and Family Plan System allows you to:

  • Quote more efficiently so you save time quoting and creating proposals and have more time to get new business.

  • Provide your clients with detailed and accurate information on health plans available to them.

  • View, print or email proposals to your prospect or clients.

  • Generate your own leads through your own website by using our consumer link. Leads will be 100% accurate and 100% yours.

  • Nurture your leads until they are ready to buy through our built-in auto-responder. The auto-responder also allows you to customize messages for more precise prospect targeting.

  • Let your prospects choose to enroll by paper or online. You receive credit either way.

  • Grow business online and let us design a website for you that will grow your individual health insurance business.

If you do not have our Individual and Family Plan System, please call our sales office at 877-805-2828 x250 or email us at


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Partner spotlight

Partner Spotlight will regularly focus on one of our partners whose services we make available to you through our quoting system and HRConnect.

partner spotlight

From the health plan benefit management to work permit regulations and COBRA extension, HR administrators have to stay on top of the issues. To lessen the burden of these responsibilities, employers often outsource different functions to other vendors, only to be left managing them all.

HRConnect presents the win-win situation for health insurance agents and their clients.


As HealthConnect client, you can provide HRConnect to your clients as a value-added service and distinguish yourself from competition. Your clients, on the other hand, will benefit from a selection of partners we offer through HRConnect to handle COBRA services, HRA, voluntary benefits and more.

  • TASC (Total Administrative Services Corporation) takes over the employer's COBRA responsibilities, handling the burden of liability, notice distribution and premium collection.

  • O.C.A. Benefits provides health insurance agents with a great tool for showcasing their clients the financial impact of high deductible, HRA, plans on their business. [coming soon]

  • HR Answerlink provides small businesses with easy access to HR information and resources online and enables HR managers access to state and federal employment laws, HR news, employee handbook builder, job descriptions and more.

  • SurePayroll offers an unbeatable value to small business and allows HR managers to process payroll quickly and efficiently.

  • Colonial Life offers employers a selection of voluntary benefits they can offer to their employees as a part of the benefits package but without any additional cost to the employer.

If you would like to offer HRConnect to your clients, please contact our sales team, or request a demo.


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Tips & tricks

Having trouble using a feature in the quoting system or HRConnect? Tips and Tricks section will provide you with a quick "how to." 

tips and tricks

HRConnect is a powerful communication tool for your clients who can communicate all sorts of information to their employees. In the Information section, HR administrators can post helpful information or links to their employees and even divide the information into sections to help sort it by importance or type.


Use the following information to help your clients get the most out of their HRConnect.


To create a new section:

Go to Information

Click on Add Section on the bottom right of the page

Fill in the fields and click Update.

Click Back to return to the Information page.

You should see the newly created section listed first.


To create a new item under the section you just created:

Click on the link Add Item on the far right of the section to which you want to add information

Fill out the fields

Click on Update.

Click Back to return to the Information page. You should see the item you just added listed first in the section to which you just added this information.


To edit the section, click on the Edit button on the far right of the section heading.

To edit the item under the section, click on the Edit button on the far right of the item heading.


To change the order the sections, click on the red arrows (up or down) on the far right of the section heading.

To change the order of the items under each section, click on the red arrows on the far right of the item heading.


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Industry trends

Want to know what your fellow brokers are saying about our products and how they helped them? Read it here, in the So We Heard section.

so we heard


From Sharon M., President, Profit Strategies, Inc., California


I have been using HealthConnect for about a year now for Small Group and Individual business. It has made quoting and managing our insurance business so easy. The value added by offering the HRConnect platform to our Small Group clients has really given us the competitive edge. Everyone is really impressed by the convenience and information on the site. Thank you, HealthConnect, for this wonderful site!

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HealthConnect in the news

HealthConnect in the News section will keep you up-to-date on our new developments, partnerships or changes and will include our reference in the media.


in the news

Rivals Jockey for Roles in Insurance Exchanges

by Avery Johnson, The Wall Street Journal, November 16, 2010


Health-technology companies are hoping that the new state insurance "exchanges" required by the federal health-care overhaul will offer them big new growth opportunities...


Read the whole article where HealthConnect is mentioned and our President, Peter Everett, is cited, here. Hint: Google News displays the whole article. Simply enter 'rivals exchange insurance’ in the search field.



Automated Cost Savings Illustrations of HRA Plans Administered by OCA Benefits Services Soon to be Available on HealthConnect


November 22, 2010 – HealthConnect Systems, the leading online network for buyers and sellers of health insurance and employee benefits, today announced its plans to integrate automated cost savings illustrations for Health Reimbursement Arrangement (HRA) that will be administered through OCA Benefit Services. HealthConnect brokers will soon be able to access HRA proposals through HealthConnect’s quoting platform with a simple click of a mouse.


“As more companies are choosing consumer directed health plans, we understand the importance of providing our clients with an option to include these plans in their proposals. By partnering with a company like O.C.A., we also provide our health insurance agents with a reputable partner to service those plans for their clients,” said Jim Gamble, HealthConnect’s East Coast Sales Executive.


“We focus as much attention on achieving positive behavior changes as we do on our core processing procedures,” states O.C.A. President Stephen Honig. “By focusing our attention on encouraging healthy behavior changes, we impact the employers’ overall cost. We seek to show employees that quality health care is actually less expensive to deliver than poor quality health care. The end result is that we get consumer “buy-in” on a quality proposition where everyone wins.”  


For a sample HRA proposal, click here.



HealthConnect Reaches a New Milestone


We are pleased to announce that thanks to our clients, we have achieved a new milestone. Processing about 15,000 quotes a day, we have officially exceeded 20 million small group quotes on our system. Thank you to more than 15,000 health insurance agents and over 30 General Agents for selecting HealthConnect!



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Your opinion

Your opinion counts! This section will feature a quarterly poll to find out your opinion on our products, enhancements, announcements, tips and our communication to you so we can continue to improve.

your opinion

Last month, we asked whether you participated in social networks and this is how you voted. Thank you to everyone who contributed.

This time, we would like to know:



What is your main challenge as a health insurance agent? (Select as many as apply)

Getting new leads

Providing extra services (that would distinguish you from others)

Getting quality leads

Personalizing proposals

Retaining existing clients

Managing agency day-to-day business

Providing comparative quotes

Tracking commissions


What would be your ideal product that would help you make your business grow?



(If you are not redirected after hitting the 'submit' button, please click here.)

 Thank you for your feedback!


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